From the design of a corporate headquarters to the renovation of retail buildings, arcDESIGN helps you define the space that defines your business. We realize you require space that allows you to work efficiently to achieve your business needs. Working together to understand roles and responsibilities is key to make each workplace pleasant and effective. It is truly a joint venture between the design team and your leadership and staff.

We can help you:


  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Promote and encourage desired office culture
  • Strengthen brand recognition

  • The Children’s Museum
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  • Simon Property Group
  • Republic Services of Indiana
  • Ninestar Connect


Many of our architects specialize in higher education, K-12 and other education-based projects. Due to our research and knowledge of this market, we understand the various functions within each facility, whether it be a classroom, laboratory or residence housing. We take the time to incorporate your project goals so you can realize the benefits of happy students, staff and professors.

We can help you:


  • Enhance students and faculty’s experience of the school and campus
  • Enhance experience by making spaces more conducive to learning and team-building
  • Strengthen campus culture and design objectives
  • Add new energy to academic programs
  • Increase safety procedures and integration

Indiana University 

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arcDESIGN has designed over 50 laboratories for Indiana University. We have become a trusted advocate and designer for the simple to more complex laboratories on various campuses. We investigate the latest trends in research, carefully listen to the Users and we understand the best research stems from flexible and efficient spaces.


  • IUB Jordan Hall (several projects)
  • IUB Innovation Center
  • IUPUI Medical Science (several projects)
  • IUPUI Engineering & Technology (several projects)
  • IUPUI Fesler Hall
  • IUPUI School of Dentistry (several projects)
  • IUPUI Gatch Clinical (several projects)
  • IUPUI Cancer Research
  • IUPUI Science Building (several projects)
  • IUE Whitewater Hall
  • IUK Incubator
  • IUPUI Van Nuys Drug Discovery


Residence Halls

Today’s student and their parents expect more from University Housing than a simple twin bed and a gang restroom down the hall. We explore many options with respect to the proper balance of single rooms, two room suites with private or shared restrooms, and quad suite arrangements. These options will consider the overall capacity of the facility, the inherent financial impact, and the spatial layout of the existing structure.


  • Briscoe Quad
  • Forest Quad
  • Read Hall
  • Teter Quad
Offices/Classroom/Lecture Rooms
Integrating technology and creating an environment conducive to learning is essential to the success of students and faculty. Our team focuses on the most current trends of addressing the university’s needs.

  • IUPUI Engineering Science and Technology (various projects)
  • IUPUI Emerson Hall (various projects)
  • IUPUI Gatch Clinical (various projects)
  • IUPUI Riley Research (various projects)
  • IUB Musical Arts Center (various projects)
  • IUB Poplars (various projects)
  • IUB SPEA (various projects)
  • IUB Optometry NIH Study
  • IUB Muller Hall NIH Study
  • IUB Smith Research Suites
  • IUB Franklin Hall Studies
  • IUB Swain Hall
  • IUE Entry Signage

Indiana State University

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  • Normal Hall (various projects)
  • Memorial Stadium Study
  • Science Building
  • Campus Cupboard
  • Physical Therapy
  • Arena Building Locker Rooms
  • Hulman Center (various projects)
  • Deming Center Study

Purdue University


  • McCutcheon Hall
  • Lynn Hall
  • Heine Hall
  • LSPS (various projects)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Student Union

Ball State University


  • Ball Honors College
  • Dr. Rinard Orchid Greenhouse

University of Indianapolis


  • University Heights Methodist Church Study

Healthcare organizations play a vital role in healing and building strong communities. Through our experience in healthcare design, we offer you expertise in the latest research and evidence-based design and lean healthcare principles. This research allows our design approach to be patient-focused to create environments that are functional, efficient and comfortable.

We can help you:


  • Create spaces which aid in the patient’s healing process
  • Add efficiency for doctors, nurses and staff
  • Reduce medical errors through design standardization
  • Meet all health and building codes
  • Meet budget and timeline goals
  • Increase productivity through extensive coordination of equipment and MEP systems

IU Health

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  • Methodist MPC-1 Physical Therapy
  • Methodist MPC-1 Retail Pharmacy
  • Methodist MPC-1 Hand and Shoulder Clinic
  • University Hospital IUSCC Women’s Center
  • University Hospital AOC Dermatology Clinic
  • University Hospital AOC 6th Floor Nephrology
  • Riley Hospital for Children Orthopedic Clinic Expansion
  • University Hospital AOC Dental Clinic
  • Morgan Hospital Transformation
  • Arnett Ferry Sports Therapy
  • Arnett West Lafayette MOB
  • Arnett Greenbush Occupational Medicine
  • Arnett Outpatient Clinic Master Planning
  • Arnett Cancer Care Consolidation
  • Arnett Hospital MOB
  • Arnett Pain Management



  • Methodist Hospital A75 Infusion Suite
  • Methodist Hospital Pharmacy Renovation
  • Methodist Hospital Emergency Services Conference
  • Methodist Hospital Emergency Department Laboratory
  • University Hospital Pharmacy
  • University Hospital 4th Floor O.T.U Rehab
  • Riley Hospital for Children Phase II 3B
  • Arnett Pathology Lab Expansion
  • Arnett Reception Replacement
  • Arnett Hospital Cardio Testing
  • Arnett Pharmacy USP797
  • Arnett White Pharmacy USP797


Behavioral Health

  • Methodist Hospital Behavioral Care Unit
  • Riley Hospital for Children Behavioral Care Unit
  • Arnett Outpatient Behavioral Health



  • Methodist Hospital Emergency Department CT
  • Methodist Radiology Reading Room
  • Methodist MPC-1 5th Floor Radiology and Clinic
  • Methodist Hospital Main Radiology X-Ray
  • Methodist Hospital Hybrid OR
  • Methodist Hospital IR 3
  • Methodist Hospital 5th Floor X-Ray
  • University Hospital IR Room 6
  • University Hospital X-Ray Upgrade
  • Riley Hospital for Children X-Ray 1422
  • Arnett Cancer Care Linear Accelerator
  • Arnett IR/Vein Clinic
  • Arnett MRI Replacement
  • Arnett Cath Lab Replacement

Eskenazi Health

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  • West 38th Street Community Health Center
  • 1700 N. Illinois 3rd Floor Clinic
  • Pecar Optical Suite
  • Grassy Creek Team Care Renovation
  • North Arlington Team Care Renovation
  • Westside Team Care Renovation
  • West 38th St. Pediatric Therapy Expansion
  • Faculty Office Building – Occupational Health Renovation



  • Replacement Hospital:  Inpatient Mental Health Unit
  • Burn Unit Clinic Expansion
  • Mental Health Recovery Inpatient Unit Expansion
  • Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Clinic
  • PARC (Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis) Clinic Buildout


Behavioral Care

  • 1700 N. Illinois Renovation and Addition
  • 1700 N. Illinois 4th Floor Crisis Respite Unit
  • 1700 N. Illinois Medical Clinic
  • Replacement Hospital:  Inpatient Mental Health Unit
  • Replacement Hospital:  Crisis Intervention, Triage and Research Unit
  • Irvington House:  Transitional Living Center

Ascension Health: St. Vincent



  • Anderson Gastroenterology Suite
  • Comprehensive Adult Medicine – Heather Glen Building II
  • Diagnostic Medicine of Carmel
  • Meridian Adult Medicine
  • Fishers Oncology
  • St. Vincent Medical Group Cardiology – 86th St. Campus
  • Kokomo Neurology Renovation
  • Anderson Internal Medicine
  • Hoosier Dermatology Suite
  • Women’s Center Vein Clinic at the Carmel Women’s Center
  • Medication Management
  • St. Vincent Medical Group – Carmel Heart Center Clinics
  • Anderson Rheumatology
  • St. Vincent Medical Group Clinics at Bellemeade – Evansville
  • Evansville OBGYN
  • Kokomo Physical Therapy
  • Northside Internal Medicine
  • Carmel Plastic Surgery
  • Renal Transplant Relocation
  • Anderson ENT
  • Anderson Internal Medicine
  • Anderson CorVasc Relocation
  • Carmel Multispecialty Clinic
  • Children’s Heart Clinic
  • St. Vincent Medical Group – Gastroenterology
  • Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA) Employee Clinic
  • Kokomo CorVasc and Coag Clinic Relocation
  • Gleaners Walk-In Clinic
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery & General Surgery Consolidation


Urgent Care/Ambulatory 

  • St. Vincent & Witham Hospital Services Ambulatory Center Frankfort
  • Broad Ripple Urgent Care Center
  • Greenwood Ambulatory Center
  • Boone Village Ambulatory Care Center- Zionsville
  • Lawrence Ambulatory Care Center
  • St. Vincent Medical Group – Avon



  • Fishers MOB Women’s Center Diagnostic Imaging
  • Kokomo Women’s Center Diagnostic Imaging

St. Francis Health


  • Stones Crossing MOB [view slideshow}
  • Hospital OR Flooring Replacement
  • CityWay Urgent Care

Schneck Medical Center


  • Materials Management Addition and Renovation

As a part of the arcDESIGN culture, we are passionate about creating spaces that help our communities thrive. Religious, civic and not-for-profit organizations are looking for ways to help their clients as we are focused on assisting you. By designing facilities that allow you meet your growing needs, we are all able to positively influence our communities. Simply, we will invest the energy and dedicate ourselves to learning about you before we draw a single line.

We can help you:


  • Enhance the sense of community and client experience
  • Promote goals of your organization
  • Plan for long-term and phased growth
  • Add creativity within tight budgets

  • Holy Cross Lutheran Church and School
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  • The Church at Mt. Gilead
  • Town of Plainfield (various projects)
  • Hendricks County Judicial (various projects)
  • Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library

Preserving history for future generations is an important aspect of arcDESIGN. We have been entrusted with several historic structures in Indiana because we understand that “old” buildings have value not only for economic reasons, but because they are a part of our community’s culture. These buildings often bring new ideas and opportunities to an area in need of revitalization.

We can help you:


  • Respect the historic fabric while making it functional for your needs
  • Use the Secretary of Interiors Guidelines for restoration and renovation work

Indiana University


  • Jordan Hall
  • Owen Hall
  • Franklin Hall Study

Indiana State University


Ball State University


  • Ball Honors House


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  • 8 W. Louisiana Street
  • 201 N. Delaware Street

  • Hendricks County
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  • Shelton Condominiums
  • Buschmann Block
  • Putnamville Chapel
  • Tippecanoe County Coroner’s Office