Hazel Dell Christian Church


Carmel, Indiana

Hazel Dell Christian Church exists to help more people get to know Jesus and live like him every day, by striving for these attributes: Growing, Faithful, Together. arcDESIGN set a goal to help HDCC by designing spaces that furthers their mission. We worked on several projects including the Children’s Ministry expansion. When Hazel Dell Christian Church created their vision to expand the Children’s Ministry, they wanted to build a Ministry that would truly reach children with the story of Jesus Christ. Their goal is to keep kids excited about Sunday School by creating a place they feel welcome, secure and is fun. As it turns out, when kids are excited about church, parents tend to get more excited about it too! HDCC wanted the space to be fun, colorful and welcoming; however, they did not want to use literal themes in the design. They wanted it to look just as up-to-date ten years from now as it does today. As a result, subtle Biblical themes were used that will help them tell Bible stories to the kids for generations.

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Children’s Ministry Addition - Exterior