Cross-disciplinary Teams

Now, more than 40 architects and designers work in cross-disciplinary, multi-level teams at arcDESIGN, building deep client relationships and using the latest design technologies to create transformational spaces. From healthcare to higher education, historic renovation to corporate projects, our team is privileged to partner with some of our region’s most dynamic companies, organizations, and contractors.

Sustained Relationships

At arcDESIGN, we’re constantly working to improve our relationships, refine our processes, and learn from our challenges. And we’re more committed than ever to strong, sustained relationships with the clients and contractors who have been central to our business for decades.

Our Point of View

Our culture of big ideas and open studio teamwork helps us think more deeply, experiment more widely, and envision new possibilities

  • 01 Work Hard

    Known for our expertise and community-driven solutions, arcDESIGN delivers future-focused spaces that expand the realm of possibility.

  • 02 Play Hard

    We have flexible views about work. We believe in quality of life programs that allow us to balance our personal and professional lives.

Our Team
  • We are committed to employing personnel that are not only devoted to their profession, but to each and every client they serve.

  • Aaron Nohrenberg

    Associate | Designer

    “Exterior envelope quality and performance are integral drivers in architectural projects of varying size and complexity.”

    Aaron Nohrenberg

    Associate | Designer

    Aaron serves as a project designer on healthcare, higher education, and community spaces for the firm. Building on his expertise in exterior design and using technology to develop interactive conceptual designs, Aaron adds critical visualization skills to arcDESIGN’s collaborative, multi-level teams.

    From initial conceptual designs to detailed testing, Aaron uses advanced technology to design and develop photorealistic digital illustration and 3D architectural renderings that can supplement design analysis, presentations, and provide a clearer understanding of unbuilt architecture.

  • Abby Bulmahn

    Architectural Designer

    Abby Bulmahn

    Architectural Designer

  • Abby Fritz

    Graduate Designer

    “The spaces we inhabit are a critical part of the modern human experience—and great design can make that a positive experience.”

    Abby Fritz

    Graduate Designer

    Abby works with senior designers and architects in our healthcare, higher education, and community practices. She particularly enjoys the programming and schematic phases when the team works together to solve complex design problems.

    With a background in interior design technology, Abby looks for ways to make her work sustainable, ethical, and timeless, particularly in her hometown of Indianapolis.

  • Alonso Arambula

    Principal | AIA, LEED AP® BD+C

    “I look at everything—technology, design, function—through the lens of positive collaboration.”

    Alonso Arambula

    Principal | AIA, LEED AP® BD+C

    Under Alonso’s leadership, arcDESIGN developed a uniquely practical commitment to using leading-edge technology in design. In an approach that stands out both regionally and nationally, our teams now use virtual and augmented reality tools exclusively, allowing us to push the limits of possibility.

    Combining award-winning expertise with advanced technology and tools, Alonso’s work stands out for aesthetics, efficiency, and impact.

  • Amy Back

    Interior Designer | RID, NCIDQ

    “I use cross-market understanding to creatively solve design challenges.”

    Amy Back

    Interior Designer | RID, NCIDQ

    With 20 years of interior design experience in a wide variety of applications, Amy’s ability to translate client goals and constraints into visionary designs stands apart. From specification documentation to designing with an eye toward intergenerational use, Amy combines strong communication and attention to detail into effective, successful designs.

    Working with arcDESIGN’s healthcare and higher education teams, Amy is committed to continual improvement. In every project, she looks for ways to keep deepening her understanding of client needs, technological tools, and industry trends.

  • Andy Hine

    Principal | AIA

    “I believe that great leadership demands constant and direct involvement in the design process.”

    Andy Hine

    Principal | AIA

    Twenty five years after founding arcDESIGN, Andy’s vision for the firm’s people-focused culture continues to result in outstanding work. Based on deep institutional partnerships with clients and sustained team engagement on long-term projects, arcDESIGN’s approach rewards diversity of thought, dynamic ideas, and radically effective solutions.

    The firm’s ongoing commitment to cross-functional, multi-level teams led by principals provides structure while giving each team member an opportunity for meaningful contribution.

  • Betsy Ismail

    Marketing Manager

    “Great design isn’t always about how something looks. It’s also about how it functions.”

    Betsy Ismail

    Marketing Manager

    In addition to handling the firm’s overall brand and graphic design needs, Betsy works with arcDESIGN teams to develop proposals, mood boards and design presentations for projects across all business areas.

    With a background working with national creative + design agencies serving both corporate and non-profit clients, Betsy is experienced in environmental graphic design, branding, typography, and graphic design.

  • Brad Miller

    Graduate Designer

    “It’s important to involve everyone, from designers, MEP engineers, civil engineers, structural engineers, etc., early on to produce an accurate design and help make the design process as smooth as possible for the client.”

    Brad Miller

    Graduate Designer

    Brad’s advanced skills in three-dimensional Revit modeling add efficiencies and creativity to arcDESIGN’s healthcare projects. Producing Revit models for everything from initial ideation to floorplans, interior and exterior elevations, and final detailing adds depth to firm designs, and gives clients insight into how spaces will look, feel, and operate prior to construction.

    As a BIM Specialist/Designer, Brad works closely with architects; interior designers; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers; civil engineers; structural consultants; and the client to facilitate collaboration beginning with schematic design through the completion of construction documents.

  • Brian Mader

    Principal | AIA, ACHA

    “The impact of community-driven spaces on individual patient care is the future of healthcare architecture.”

    Brian Mader

    Principal | AIA, ACHA

    Brian’s uniquely outcome-focused, client-centered work grounds arcDESIGN’s healthcare group with repeat clients, as he approaches all projects—from minor hospital renovations to multi-million-dollar new facilities—with the same commitment to creativity and attention.

    Brian has developed the firm’s healthcare practice into a flourishing studio achieving impact both regionally and nationwide.

  • Daniel Potash

    Principal | AIA

    "As the field of architecture progresses, we’ll continue to see built spaces become more and more interactive and self-adapting."

    Daniel Potash

    Principal | AIA

    As a Principal at arcDESIGN, Daniel serves as the firm’s leader for Indiana University projects. Through in-depth discovery work and ongoing client relationships, Daniel bases his designs and project management on detailed understanding of requirements and intended use.

    From complicated renovations to creating mixed-use spaces and innovative laboratories, Daniel’s work facilitates collaborative education and research at IU campuses around the state.

  • Daniel Ramirez

    Architectural Designer

    “I believe in the power of constantly learning new things. This process and information obtained has the potential to shape the designed environment in the future.”

    Daniel Ramirez

    Architectural Designer

    Daniel combines an interest in building details and construction fascination with figuring out how things work and trying to fix them when they stop working. He recently graduated from the re-introduced the five-year Bachelor of Architecture program at Ball State University with a minor in Construction Management.

    Working on higher education and community projects, Daniel has been developing project architectural renderings and illustrations for presentations and marketing materials.

  • Donna Sterling

    Office Administrator

    “I try to create a positive first impression by making clients, guests, and callers feel welcome. I believe everyone should live life to the fullest and focus on the positive.”

    Donna Sterling

    Office Administrator

    Donna provides support for arcDESIGN Principals and Staff by performing or assisting with a wide variety of administrative and coordination functions.

    Donna has over 10 years of experience in customer service and administrative support.

  • Greg McDaniel

    Associate | Architectural Designer

    “I’m fascinated by the ways in which functionality, materiality, and technology shape how people experience architectural design.”

    Greg McDaniel

    Associate | Architectural Designer

    Greg helps our teams implement technology-aided design to enhance problem-solving, coordination, and project success. Using 3D technology, Greg creates detailed, sustainable designs that consider both positive and negative space within the built environment.

    As a BIM specialist at arcDESIGN, Greg works with teams in each business area to facilitate implementation of 3D design throughout the project—from concept to construction.

  • Greg Miller

    Associate | Project Leader

    “I view each project through the lens of constructability. Including local market capabilities in our planning helps us achieve design intent more efficiently—with extraordinary results.”

    Greg Miller

    Associate | Project Leader

    As a project leader in arcDESIGN’s university and community studio, Greg oversees work for higher education, corporate, and community clients. Through peer-level engagement with team members and trade professionals, Greg finds design and resource efficiencies while achieving client objectives with higher quality results.

    Greg’s extensive expertise in historic renovation, quality assurance, and construction documentation add depth and dimension to his leadership and approach to projects.

  • Guanyao Li

    Architectural Designer

    Guanyao Li

    Architectural Designer

  • Hayley Johnson

    Associate | Project Leader

    “User-driven design and functional use of space are just as important—if not more important—than a beautiful façade. Great design uncovers what the client really wants to experience in the space.”

    Hayley Johnson

    Associate | Project Leader

    Hayley’s experience in healthcare design gives her strong insight into how people use and experience spaces. Given the importance of visibility, efficient workflows, and intuitive wayfinding in healthcare spaces, Hayley invests deeply in understanding client needs and intended use, then designs through constraints to that ideal.

    She believes the best projects are where every member of the team is heard, their needs considered, and their input valued. High design fulfills clients’ needs and exceeds expectations. Her expertise in LEAN design not only promotes efficient, effective design but also builds collaboration into every aspect of design from concept through construction.

  • Jenner Lillibridge


    “I use my expertise to impact design and construction decisions that directly influence patient experiences.”

    Jenner Lillibridge


    With an extensive background in complex and specialized healthcare spaces, Jenner builds long-term relationships with clients to deliver better design outcomes. As a trusted member of each client’s team, Jenner’s design focus integrates client goals, clinical needs, and patient experience.

    Jenner also contributed to the creation of arcDESIGN’s formal mentoring program—a critical part of the firm’s commitment to collaborative client service.

  • Jodi Voigt

    Associate | Office Manager

    “I love to learn about new people, places, and cultures.”

    Jodi Voigt

    Associate | Office Manager

    Jodi manages everything from human resources to office finances at arcDESIGN, overseeing accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and facilities management, plus other duties as assigned. Coming from a human resources background, Jodi provides friendly and effective support to arcDESIGN staff and clients.

    With her passion for reading and continued learning, Jodi brings great insight to many facets of the firm’s day-to-day operations.

  • John Voigt

    Architect | Project Leader

    John Voigt

    Architect | Project Leader

  • Joshua Stowers

    Associate | Historic Preservation Specialist

    “I’m drawn to the balance between new and old. Effective historic renovation helps to preserve the past in a way that is useful far into the future.”

    Joshua Stowers

    Associate | Historic Preservation Specialist

    As a Associate and designer with the firm and a Qualified Professional under the Category Historic Architecture with the State of Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources, Joshua primarily works with arcDESIGN’s higher education and community project teams. His detailed focus and problem-solving ability lead to efficient, customized results.

    Joshua’s interest in integrated technology and innovative materials helps him create future-focused solutions for historic spaces. In addition to his work at the office, Joshua is the Audio/Visual Director at his church.

  • Kari Funston

    Principal | IIDA, RID, WELL AP

    “I look to balance aesthetics with more technical aspects of design to create flexible, sustainable, beautiful spaces.”

    Kari Funston

    Principal | IIDA, RID, WELL AP

    Kari built arcDESIGN’s interior design studio into a collaborative, fully integrated team. Working closely with architects and engineers from the beginning of each of the firm’s projects, Kari and her team balance environmental, fiscal, compliance, and aesthetic solutions.

    Kari believes in using integrated design to create beautiful and effective spaces for people to work, learn, and heal.

  • Kaylyn Kelly

    Graduate Designer

    “Details are crucial. As is creating a compelling and memorable experience with intention that functions exceptionally. I strive to exceed client expectations through the careful consideration of details, experience and function.”

    Kaylyn Kelly

    Graduate Designer

    Kaylyn’s focuses on color, material, and furnishings, as well as the technical aspects of details in a design. She enjoys collaborating with others and finds this approach leads to successful projects. Kaylyn brings to arcDESIGN a wide variety of project experience in the areas of multi-family, corporate, recreational and K-12.

  • Kenna Gibson

    Architectural Designer

    Kenna Gibson

    Architectural Designer

  • Kevin Martin

    Associate | Project Architect

    “The best solutions come from flexibility, good listening skills, a willingness to learn, and—above all—a positive and enthusiastic outlook.”

    Kevin Martin

    Associate | Project Architect

    As a registered architect with nearly three decades of experience, Kevin uses his expertise in building codes and project management to build strong client and contractor relationships and to mentor junior members of the firm.

    Working on arcDESIGN’s healthcare team and serving as our firm code consultant on a wide range of firm projects, Kevin brings energy and expertise to all of his work.

  • Linde Gouge

    Interior Designer | NCIDQ

    “Because people experience their environment holistically, I take an integrated approach to design.”

    Linde Gouge

    Interior Designer | NCIDQ

    With 18+ years of experience designing spaces for a wide variety of industries, Linde has expertise in budgeting, project management, and sustainable design. She combines a talent for excellent work with her passion for collaborative design thinking.

    In her role as a project manager and design lead for many firm projects, Linde engages in active mentoring in arcDESIGN’s multi-level teams.

  • Lindsey Stinson

    Architect | Project Leader

    “Sustainable design extends beyond materials to encompass the ways we communicate our ideas and how we translate a client’s vision into healing spaces with long-term impact.”

    Lindsey Stinson

    Architect | Project Leader

    As part of the firm’s healthcare team, Lindsey enjoys translating client objectives into sustainable, healing designs. Bridging the gap between vision and reality through strong communication skills, Lindsey creates design solutions based in deep understanding of client needs.

    A commitment to building respectful community fuels Lindsey’s passion for sustainable healthcare design.

  • Megan Reed

    Graduate Designer

    “I approach each project like a puzzle, fitting each client’s needs within the unique constraints of the project. I ensure each portion of the plan clicks, as if that design element was meant to be there from the start.”

    Megan Reed

    Graduate Designer

    I focus on space planning, as well as picking appropriate materials and finishes to ensure the space looks as good as it functions.  I enjoy supporting my coworkers in their endeavors both in and outside of the office. I primarily work within the healthcare studio now but find my previous experience working on community projects has only improved my ability to make healthcare buildings feel less clinical.

  • Michelle Bayt

    Associate | Designer

    “Successful design is consistent. Each aspect of the project—from aesthetic vision to functionality to landscape—should draw from the same design language.”

    Michelle Bayt

    Associate | Designer

    As a designer with arcDESIGN’s healthcare practice, Michelle takes leadership roles in client communications and helped the firm to create and implement design process standards. Michelle specializes in bringing each client’s vision to life, working creatively within constraints to reach arcDESIGN’s high design standards.

    With a strong background in conceptual design and an interest in the psychology of healthcare architecture, Michelle helps our healthcare clients envision design choices that lead to better patient experiences and higher quality of care.

  • Mike Engledow

    Principal | AIA, LEED AP

    “As our world grows in complexity, architecture and design become more and more collaborative.”

    Mike Engledow

    Principal | AIA, LEED AP

    Providing leadership for multiple business areas makes Mike appreciate the strong team culture at arcDESIGN. As the principal for historic renovations, corporate and community projects, and our active non-profit program, arcCARES, Mike brings a wide variety of experience to each client and project. Exclusive use of 3D technology keeps Mike’s teams engaged through each design iteration.

    Mike is known for creating thoughtful solutions that address underlying goals and issues—and result in intentional designs that truly reflect the client’s vision.

  • Paul Summers

    Construction Administrator

    Paul Summers

    Construction Administrator

  • Ross McKnight

    Architectural Designer | Assoc. AIA

    “Great design has a positive impact on global health—for the individual experience as well as for the environment.”

    Ross McKnight

    Architectural Designer | Assoc. AIA

    As a member of arcDESIGN’s healthcare team, Ross brings a strong background in environmental design to his work, seeing global health as both a medical and a sustainability issue. Ross has a hand in the entire design process, from concept to completion.

    Ross enjoys blending digital design and hand sketching techniques to keep his work dynamic and collaborative. He believes that real time interaction and flexibility lead to better solutions.

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