Workplace / Community / Lifestyle

We take the time to clearly understand what our clients want to accomplish

From cutting-edge corporate headquarters to flexible-use facilities, arcDESIGN helps businesses and organizations translate their brands into high-impact spaces. Regardless of the application, we work from the same foundational principles: using the most advanced technology and materials to translate client visions into transformational spaces.

  • Corporate

    We design spaces that spark innovation, ignite performance, and empower brands — environments shaped to attract and retain top talent, are optimized for efficiency and behavior, and reflect your unique culture and aspirations. 

  • Senior Lifestyle

    At arcDESIGN, we create residential havens that are both functional and stylish. Facilities that foster well-being and peace of mind and that encourage interaction, connection, and community. In short, a sense of home where residents can thrive. And, of course, every facility is designed to prioritize residents’ and healthcare clinicians’ safety and security.

  • Parks and Recreation

    We craft vibrant civic and cultural spaces that connect communities, enrich lives, and reflect your unique identity — now and into the future. Designed for engagement, our flexible spaces adapt to evolving needs and foster a sense of belonging.

  • Worship

    We don’t just design places of worship, we design to cultivate thriving communities that embrace faith, and nurture connection. We work closely with you to design spaces that celebrate your faith, foster inclusivity, and support your congregation’s vibrant future for generations.

  • arcCARES - Greater Good

    At arcDESIGN we aren’t just passionate about design; we’re passionate about making a difference. Through our arcCARES program, we team up with impactful organizations, donating our expertise in support of their missions. We believe architectural design isn’t just about bricks and mortar but has the potential to spark positive change and empower communities.

Creating Transformational Spaces

We help clients turn their visions into purposeful spaces

  • 01 Collaborative Innovation

    We were one of the first architecture firms in the region to commit to exclusive use of 3D design technology. Each of our projects is designed and presented in virtual reality—allowing us to work together seamlessly as a team and anticipate and overcome issues early in the process.

  • 02 Visionary Solutions

    At arcDESIGN, we believe that great design effectively communicates the client’s vision. That’s why each of our projects is unique, and speaks directly to the client’s brand, requirements, and intended use. Our expertise combined with close client input yields dramatic results.

  • 03 Elevating Design

    Our team values dynamic ideas and diverse thinking. We work to elevate design through effective, sustainable solutions that meet the challenges of today with the flexibility to maintain relevance in the future.

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